Pushing Limits with Yumi Melivo

Yumi is a 24-year old boxing trainer who makes it a point to find time for things that matter to her. “I teach boxing classes in the morning after that I would start to work on my side business. I make sure that I get everything done before 12 noon because that’s the time I prefer to workout in Central Ground. The rest of the day is spent for  preparing classes and client meetings.”

“It’s a complete 360 turn from when I had a 9-6 job a few months ago. Now I have more free time to focus on improving my health, dedicate my life to fitness and pursue new business opportunities.”

Yumi has always been into the active lifestyle. Back in high school, she played volleyball. In college, she played frisbee then started boxing after she graduated. After 4 years of boxing, she discovered CrossFit at CGCF. Recently, she has also started getting into obstacle sports training (Spartan Race).

“I want to be stronger and gain muscle. Before CrossFit, my workouts were mostly cardio (running and boxing) and I was able to change my weight from 75kg to 55kgs. However, I got comments saying that I was so thin, I had no muscles and it seemed like I starved myself which was not the reaction I was expecting. I decided to research about muscle and strength building and I saw CrossFit and decided to give it a try.”

One year and three months into CrossFit, Yumi has only gotten much stronger. This year, she joined the CrossFit Open for the first time, and has also signed up for her first local CrossFit competition. “I joined volleyball competitions back in high school, although they’re not as exciting and competitive as CrossFit. This would be my first individual CrossFit competition and my first time to try to qualify for Fittest.”

How long have you been doing CrossFit? How has your experience with it been so far?

I’ve been a CGCF member for 1 year and 3 months already and I can say that I found the perfect type of workout for me.

You’ll never get bored. It’s so exciting because there’s always something new to learn every single day. It’s also addicting to be honest because the challenges don’t stop and the workouts get harder each week so you just have to keep on training. The coaches really program the workouts to make sure you get the best results!

Your friendly boxmates and coaches also look out for you! I still remember my first ever class in CG. It was Coach Chino’s class, my first #ChinoTuesday, and we did AMRAP of burpees and KB swings. I didn’t know how to approach the workout and I knew that the workout would be difficult, but luckily Coach Chino and my boxmates were there to guide and support me. I DIED after the workout but for some reason I was excited for my next session because I wanted to learn more!

Is this your first time doing the Open? Did you have any goals coming in to it?

Yes, this is my first time doing the Open and I was honestly so nervous about it.

I wanted to challenge myself and check up on how strong I’ve become since I started CrossFit. I decided that the Open was the perfect opportunity for me to fully understand what it meant to be a CrossFit athlete.  I wanted to see how I perform under physical and mental pressure.

It’s the perfect opportunity to know more about yourself because this type of pressure does not happen during regular classes. I wanted to unlock the movements that I’ve been working on since I started and achieve new PRs!

Do you believe in the magic of the Open? How would you describe it?

Yes, and I was fortunate enough to experience that during 19.2! It’s a mix of emotions like feeling nervous, having self doubt on whether I can do it or not but also feeling pumped up to hit PRs and see what my body can do.

IT JUST HAPPENS OUT OF NOWHERE! Beyond the sweat, the pain and the loud cheering it’s that split second push you need to be able to show yourself what you are truly capable of. During the 4th round of 19.2  I really thought I couldn’t do it. I lifted the bar and failed on my first attempt but my boxmates and coaches told me to try again and I was surprised that I was able to hit a new PR and ended up lifting it 4 times! *tears of joy*

How do you think the community of CGCF pushes you to be or do better?

Aside from the coaches, you also get a boost from your boxmates and it goes beyond the walls of the box. Everyday I workout with the same group of people and I realized these people know me more than I know myself. They encourage me to add more weight or give me tips on how to improve because they see potential in every person that comes into the box.

What really inspired me were the fitness stories of my boxmates and coaches, seeing what they’ve become made me realize that I can also be as strong as them in time.

They say improvement starts when you step out of your comfort zone, do you agree with this? Why do you say so?

Yes, definitely! Staying within that level of comfort won’t let you to open yourself up to growth and new opportunities. I tried something completely different from my fitness routine and it made me stronger, more disciplined, and I even got to outgrow my shyness.

Every time I feel like giving up I remind myself that the harder you struggle, the stronger you get. If you limit yourself you will never be able to  move forward.

Any advice for women out there who may need a little more motivation to workout? Or better yet, try CrossFit?

Just go for it! It’s really fun and you won’t regret it!  You get to understand and see what your body can do, plus you get to workout with the the best people.

I never imagined myself to be CrossFit athlete, I got so intimidated with the people and the workouts but I got stronger through time. Take that fear and use it to push yourself. The first few months will be difficult but it’s not impossible to do. You’d be surprised to see what your body can do!

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