Different places and different faces of the Open with Darwin Maramot

Darwin Maramot, 38, is a husband, soon to be father, Database Manager at Maybank Phil, and on his 5th year in the CrossFit Open.

An active adrenaline junkie, he participated in various sports like airsoft, circuit racing, marathons, ultra marathons, long-distance swims and triathlons before he discovered CrossFit through a friend a few years ago, which he immediately fell in love with. He has been with Central Ground CrossFit since day one, and is known as one of the most committed and active members in the community. In the recent years, he’s taken his training to higher levels and has joined multiple competitions representing CGCF. Training 5-6 times a week, usually at 5 am before work, it’s clear that Darwin is set on only getting stronger and better from here.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I have been doing CrossFit since 2014. I started with the BangBox (CFMNL Alabang) then transferred to Central Ground CrossFit in 2016.

How many times have you joined the Open?

This is my 5th year

What do you love the most about joining the Open?

The main reason why I join is simple: the Open is the stage where you get to test your fitness from a whole year of grinding and training..

You’ve been a member of other boxes in the past and have done the Open in many different facilities. What makes doing it in CGCF stand out?

CG is the best, especially on Mondays.Everyone is there cheering for you. It’s crazy. It’s like having a party without the booze

Can you describe the atmosphere in the box during the Open?

The Coaches are the best! They help you every step of the way, they warm you up, give tips and strategies. When it comes to the community -- wild! Everyone is super competitive like there is money on the line. Hahaha!

Any favorite CGCF Open memory?

To date, my favorite would be 17.2. This was when I unlocked my bar muscle ups. Fun times indeed

What are you looking forward to the most in this year’s Open?

This year is special. I just came from a shoulder injury 6-7 months ago, so I’m going to test my progress post-injury. To be honest, I’m a bit scared, but what the heck. Oh yeah, I help out on judging too, so I get to “no rep” people. Hahaha! Joke.

Any advice for those hesitant about the Open?

Don’t think, just join. It’s like attending a workout but the whole CrossFit community is joining. It will be fun, I promise!