CGCF is in The Open: Another Year, Another You with Fiona Ottiger

Fiona Ottiger — a mother and a wife. A British citizen, 51 years old and has lived and worked in many countries until settling here in the Philippines with her family in 2003.

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Once her boys were old enough and had started school she began teaching at the British School Manila. She would run a few times a week. Her friend introduced her to a triathlon team called Polo Tri Team and she began running with them on their running days. Eventually, they convinced her to try a triathlon and she was hooked. She trained and raced triathlon for the next 8 years and would meet many fabulous people and become part of a wonderful community.

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It’s been 3 years since she first walked into Central Ground CrossFit, and has been passionate about the community ever since.

Today, she is a substitute teacher which allows her to find a balance between work, family, and fitness.


Tell us what your routine is like in and outside of the box?

Since I mostly work out at noon, I like to get up early and see my kids off to school. Mainly because if I am not there to nag them, they will be late! (Teenage boys). Then if I am teaching I’ll head over to school and teach for the day. If not, I’ll get household errands done, organise my boys extra curricular activities like sports and tutoring and try and occasionally do a late breakfast or lunch with my mother or in-laws. Also, when possible, I will try and see my girlfriends. Relationships get more important as you get older. As for my workout routine, I try to work out 3 days on and 1 day off. This works best for me. Although I never want to rest, I have learned I perform better and avoid injury. Usually, I’ll do the noon class and then after, when my body is warmed up, I’ll do accessory work to improve my fitness, mobility and strength. ( I feel my coach rolling his eyeballs at ‘mobility’!)

What does the CrossFit Open mean to you?

I get excited about the open. 3 years ago was my 1st open. I’d only been crossfitting for 4 months and I had serious butterflies. This year will be my 2nd open and I am really looking forward to joining. The atmosphere in my box is unrivalled, the energy levels are high and it is just so uplifting how all the members come together and cheer everyone on. Also, the coaches make it flow so seamlessly. So, party atmosphere for sure!


How many years have you done the Open? Is it different for you every year?

This will be my 3rd year of CrossFit and 2nd open as I was unable to join last year. I am sure it will be different and more awesome!

What’s it like doing the CrossFit Open in Central Ground CrossFit?

The best! I seriously love our coaches. It is a small box so we have a great relationship with coaches and members. Our coaches are veterans of competition and judging and are always so professional. They make the whole process fun and pressure free. There is no place I would rather be!

How can you describe the Central Ground community during the Open season?  

The highlight of the year. It’s such a great atmosphere. Even when you are done, you want to stay on and cheer for your box mates. It is so amazing seeing your friends exceed their expectations.

What are you most looking forward to during the Open?

Dreading finding out the workouts, but once that’s done I love the butterflies and trying to figure out your strategy for each workout and how you can achieve your best result. As far as different movements, everything can be scaled, so no worries!

Any advice for our box mates who’ll be doing the Open for the first time?

Just listen to the coaches, go in with a positive attitude and have fun! You will be surprised what a buzz it is and how well you do!